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Pabst launches 99 Cans pack in Australia

With COVID-19 restrictions lifting each week and end-of-iso celebrations kicking off, Pabst Blue Ribbon are set to unveil their new limited edition 99 Cans pack in Australia from June 22nd, just in time for those long-awaited holiday getaways and weekend BBQs with mates.  

The Pabst 99 Cans pack took the internet by storm in the U.S, with beer lovers from all across the country hoisting, towing and sharing these ginormous and unseen packages home for their Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings. Now, Australia gets to have their turn, with the 99 Cans launch ready to trigger another massive national response.

Better than rocking up to a party with your cliché 4 or 6-pack, the 99 Cans case of Pabst Blue Ribbon, stretches over two meters long and weighs around 37kg, enough beer to fill a small keg.

Dave O’Connor, National Field Sales Manager of Tribe Breweries who distribute Pabst in Australia says, “Pabst truly is one of the great heritage beer brands and has been so well received in Australia. As we start to resume our normal habits, spending time with friends and celebrating occasions together, our team is looking forward to seeing the weird and wacky ways people will undoubtedly respond to this launch.”

Pabst Blue Ribbon has been the beer of choice for adults and millennials alike for nearly two centuries and has been extensively popular amongst the sport, arts and music scenes. Designed with passionate, creative and experience-driven Aussies in mind, the 99 Cans pack provides an exciting, no-nonsense beer experience that will inspire fun moments and celebrations with others.

Pabst Blue Ribbon is an International Premium Lager and the most awarded American lager in the Brewery’s 175-year history. Available, and beloved in Australia since 2018, Pabst Blue Ribbon is the delicious, sessionable and affordable choice for consumers, renowned for its crisp taste, style and heritage.

The 99 Cans pack is available to purchase for a limited time at select retailers, including online at Craft Cartel for $250.00.  

Current stockists include:

·      The Barrel Room – Marrickville

·      Kemeny’s - Bondi

·      Liquor on Oxford -  Surry Hills

·      Liquor Emporium - St Peters

·      Bayfields - Belrose & Deewhy

To make sure your fridge is well stocked for all your post-COVID celebrations, get into stores and purchase quick, as these packs are Limited Edition and bound to sell out fast. Pabst Blue Ribbon lager is also available to purchase individually and in smaller packs at leading Australian alcohol providers including Dan Murphy’s and BWS.

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